Memorial Ride

Memorial bike rides

Every year, Harry's family ride in his honour.  From 2019, they have decided to raise money to help the broader cycling community.

Next year's bike ride will be organised by Edward Jagger.

Using a central location as a base, we plan to ride out to several destinations over the span of 3-4 days, riding distances of 30-40 miles a day.

Possible destinations:




2018 Liverpool to Leeds

Thanks to Ben Brooks for organising this one.

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is a canal in Northern England, linking the cities of Leeds and Liverpool. Over a distance of 127 miles, it crosses the Pennines, and includes 91 locks on the main line.

DAY 1 Thu 06/09

Overnight Chorley (45 Miles)

DAY 2 Fri 07/09

Chorley - Gargrave (50 Miles)

DAY 3 Sat 08/09

Gargrave - Leeds (35 Miles)

2010 St. Andrews to Dunbar

Thanks to Ben Brooks for organising this one.

We took the train to St. Andrews and then rode to Dunbar via a stop at Jim's apartment in Edinburgh.